Erectile dysfunction is 100% treatable.

Erectile dysfunction is 100% treatable.

Erectile dysfunction is 100% treatable. Once the root of the problem is identified then an accurate remedy will follow. ED can be temporary or last for a significant period of time depending on a mental problem or a physical ailment. READ MORE

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Nothing lasts forever, but that doesn’t mean you should just let the moment slip away.

Healthy Sex & Orgasm

As teenagers, most men learn the quick and surefire ways to orgasm before they get caught. These learned habits are hard to shake off when they’re in adult relationships that have regular, healthy sex. The team at New Life Male READ MORE

Stop the embarrassment and anxiety.

You’ve been trying to handle your #PE by yourself for far too long. Call New Life Male Medical Center at  818) 937-9551.

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PE is a common male sexual dysfunction. New Life Male Medical Center can easily find a treatment plan that works best with your body and your values. Call (818) 937-9551

Get you love life Back!

Most cases of premature ejaculation do not have a clear cause. It could be because of hormones, diet, side effects of medication, injury, or other emotional barriers. New Life Male Medical gets to the root of the problems so you READ MORE

Do you suffer from PE?

Men who experience PE can experience psychological distress. This stress can weigh heavy on the individual as well as the relationship. Get the help you’re looking for at New Life Male Medical Clinic. Call Now! 818.937.9551